Engine Diagnostics

Expert fault-finding and engine diagnostics

If you have noticed issues with your vehicle but have no idea where the issue is coming from, or you have a warning light on your dashboard, come to us. We offer detailed ECU diagnostics to diagnose where a fault might be coming from, offering you a solution to your vehicle’s problem.

Our experienced team can also handle any mechanical repairs to sort your issue and clear any system faults.

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Detailed ECU Diagnostics Experienced Mechanics Mechanical Repairs

What We Will detect

Our ECU diagnostics can detect issues from pretty much all major components of your vehicle.

The test will detect faults within:

Dashboard Warning Lights

Detecting issues early can be the best way to avoid costly repairs. Dashboard warning lights may illuminate because of a fault that may not be directly affecting your vehicle, but may become a larger issue over time, so we recommend having these looked at as soon as you notice them, to avoid expensive repairs.

Engine Faults Repaired

If we find an issue with your vehicle, we can offer you professional repairs. Our mechanics are all experienced when it comes to mechanical repairs for a variety of vehicles. So, let us take care of the problem, providing you with an affordable solution.

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