Which Car Repairs Are The Most Difficult To Do?

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Anyone who’s taken their car to a garage might find themselves wondering what the difficulty is of the work they’re having done. Car repairs can range from being simple tasks, to extensive, complex undertakings. Let’s take a look at some of the services which garages may find the most challenging.

Engine Replacements

Removing an engine alone is a huge task. Most car engines are large and heavy, so they require a few sets of hands to move. As well as this, they’re also connected to the car in a few different places. These connectors will need to be removed and reconnected to the new engine with care. Depending on the mileage of the vehicle, these connectors might also need replacing. It will take expert knowledge to know whether this is the case.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs themselves aren’t particularly difficult to work on. The issue is that they’re rather small, and often tucked away in hard to reach places. If your spark plugs are located in a particularly cramped space, it could take quite awhile for your mechanic to carry out this very simple car repair. Thankfully, spark plugs are usually cheap to replace.

Engine Rebuild


Transmission repairs are notoriously complex, not to mention expensive. Mechanics need to be well-versed in engine diagnostics as well as all the sensors and components that make up the transmission system. Determining the cause of the issue is half the battle. If you find that the seals need replacing, this can be very difficult to carry out. Therefore, transmission problems are some of the most complex car repair procedures we carry out.

Clutch Replacements

Most vehicles will need to have their clutch replaced at some point in their lives. This is quite a difficult task to carry out, as to access the clutch the transmission needs to be removed. The transmission is what creates the difficulty, as they are particularly difficult to work with.

For Car Repairs, Choose ELV Recycling

Although we’ve given you a list of difficult repairs, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t up to the challenge! If you need to book your car in for any repairs, give us a call today. We’ll get you booked into our garage and get your vehicle back to full health.


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